Lysergic Space (December 2015)

by Cosmic Mind Warp

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    Because "Lysergic Space" & "Lysergic Dreams" are conceived as a "yin & yang" pair, ordering the limited edition CD of EITHER album will result in you receiving BOTH at no extra cost.

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Celebrating the delights of Lysergic Acid Diethylamide...
The third full-length LP of 2015 - we're cookin' on gas baby!

Available to download, or as limited edition signed CD (see above).

Because "Lysergic Space" & "Lysergic Dreams" are conceived as a "yin & yang" pair, ordering the limited edition CD of EITHER album will result in you receiving BOTH.


released December 15, 2015



all rights reserved


Cosmic Mind Warp UK

"The Isle of Wight's answer to Boards of Canada.
Two blokes churning out deeply textured, atmospheric underground electronica..."

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Track Name: They Can Tell Us We're Crazy
Who are you? Who are you?
See he won't answer me, because you already know what the insight was.
See? Yes you do. He won't answer me. He wants me to say it, damn it! No...

These guys aren't just doing a regular film - they're doing it for you, because it's your idea.
Because you're somebody that knows about stuff like this. And you can sit down & talk to me about it - & that's beautiful.

I'm glad that you're doing this. I just hope you get the right stuff out of it for people.

You can take it once & never HAVE to take it again, but it's not... you already know, it's nice to go back up there, y'know but you never HAVE to take it again; one time is all you need with the right person, or the right people in the right place.

There ARE things that are more beautiful...

You know I really think this a funny thing, but if all the people that took acid y'know the people that I know that have taken acid; we can look out at the other people that haven't & they can tell us we're crazy - and we can say "Well you haven't seen anything yet".
Track Name: I Can Do Everything
It's all to do with colour, it's all to do with round.

It's...everything's colour.

It must be to do with orange - not only with orange.

I haven't seen colour; I can't use colour.

I can't use colour.

I can do everything.

I can do everything.
Track Name: You Sometimes Go Outside
You sometimes go outside & run about - sometimes naked.
Track Name: Tiny Amounts
It affects the mind very strongly in these tiny amounts.

It was like a situation where social enzymes, pheremones, signaling change in the hive-structure were just over-produced.

To pretend y'know that we fully explored psychadelics is like pretending that we fully explored the moon.

Though there have been shamens throughout human history using hallucinogens; there's never been a situation where hundreds of millions of people - over a decade - opened themselves up to that.
Track Name: The Tunnel
I'm mean the tunnel was the coolest part tripping with, because you'd be like ....!

The whole tunnel was like "whoaa"!

And you're like whoaa - where am I walking at, y'know?

You'd be like you're walking on the sides of the tunnel, but you're not & bthe tunnel's a little like - you know - all these different colours are going around & it's all swirling around you.

And so it would be - it'd be like this huge journey just to make it from one side of the tunnel to the other. You were... "Thank God!".
Even though it's like 20 steps y'know, but...

But man it'd be like - and sometimes you'd have to sit down in the tunnel on the way - and kind of breathe.

Oh and the stereo y'know - he'd have it so loud that it'd be echoing down the tunnel and - so you could hear the music.

Because well - it's bringing back good memories.
Track Name: Lysergic Muttering Blues
...Indecipherable mutterings in Norwegian...
Track Name: Listening to the Space Shuttle
I've been playing with my little radio.
Been listening to the space shuttle.

They're gonna land today.
Imagine being on might get pretty spacey!
Track Name: Can't You See It?
It's here - can't you feel it? This whole room... everything is in colour & I can feel the air, I can see it, I can see all the molecules.
I, I'm part of it it, I'm...can't you see it?

I'm trying.

Oh it's like you're released, or you're free, or - I don't know how I can tell you.

I can see everything in colour - everything - you have to see the air - you can't believe it!
And the dimensions & all the prisms & the rays - & everything coming down through you & moving.
I've never seen such infinite beauty in my life.
You know it went through me - it passed right through me!

This is reality - if you look right over there.
Are you looking?
I wish I could talk in Technicolor.

Say you can see it...

I can't tell you about it. If you can't see it, then you'll just never know.