Songs For The Uninvited (2007)

by Cosmic Mind Warp

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Deranged noodlings... Mysterious electronic sounds are combined with obscure snippets of spoken-word samples...

".:..It's hard to tell what the sound input is sounds, a dynamic sound field of radio machinery with gentle sensibilities of musique-concrete turning into cold repetitive natural old voices. Some of these are the tape techniques of time-splicing in the dark mood, where sounds of a steady stream of hot lava and when silence is loops amplified. Most of the shining people go all the way out with nice cold lights hovering on them, disjointed drilling recordings drone nicely away, whether these are time things between high-pitched tone of something such as the recordings, or perhaps it triggers state of insomnia software mostly balanced scraping the darkness which can create processed thought enlarged sounds. It's hard to tell. A gently omnipresent surface even when the intelligence is an audible shining something somewhere in space. On a high, with stars, using headphones as if the crackles made in a form of soft and synthesizers, mostly atmospheres, the loss and decay of taped voices and man being logical in the crowd in the background and in the foreground call out during a noise that is a faceless piece of texture based on old recordings and indicates some of those places (which seems a more than unfocused decision). It's hard to tell. These synthesizers are now chopped up and re-processed as another fine blend of nature moments in a space where small stuff is assembled and amplified (or not) collage work is set against a hybrid of drone related music, that can suddenly change introspective into cold repetitive natural old voices. It's hard to tell. ....:.."


released March 8, 2007


all rights reserved



Cosmic Mind Warp UK

Deep, dark electronica from the sunny isle of wight.
Two blokes churning out deeply textured, lovingly hand- crafted atmospheric underground electronica.

We are heavily influenced by the work of
"Boards of Canada"
+ the seminal works of Australian electronic music pioneer/guru Tom Ellard - AKA
"Severed Heads"...
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Track Name: Early Warning System
The "Gulpog" has an Early Warning System: a third eye on the top of its head, which senses the radiation.
Quickly, they take shelter behind a fallen fan.

The "Mudpods" are slow to react. But when they feel the flare's searing rays, they hurry back to their burrows.
One flashes its fin, to warn the others of the danger.
Track Name: I Don't Use the Red Stuff
I never knew before how distracted and delighted I would be by watching jewelled mini-birds suck sugar-juice from the red & yellow classic Seventies-style apparatus. I Don't Use The Red Stuff.
Track Name: Electro
Hey look at him, he's like bleeding, he's cut.

And it's only just begun. Perfect...

I don't bleed, so you bleed. I don't - you understand me, huh? Don't you, huh?

You understand me, huh? ...Feel better, huh?

Are you learning your lesson, yes? Shut up, yeah, huh?

Huh, feel better, huh? Are you learning your lesson?



He is learning his lesson a little bit. We're not done yet though.

Slowly, slowly. Though it needs time, huh? Put your stupid hand down. Put your f***ing stupid hand down.

Keep your hands down...

Huh, huh? This is what you want - girls? Huh? You want big girls? You want big girls, huh?

You stupid f***ed-up shit, you piece of shit, huh? You want girls - here are the girls for you.

Aren't you glad you came & found us? We never would have known about you, if you hadn't come & found us. Spying on us.

You see? You are the one who are looking for that.


We are nice girls. We will treat you nice. What you want spying, huh? Stupid f***ing spy, huh?

Is this what you wanted?

Yes, it is, yes it's exactly what you wanted. Oh yeah. Oh sorry I jumped on that cut - oh I did it again - sorry about that!

Damn it, I'm so sorry.

You want more, don't you? Shut up.

Look at this, you feel sorry for him, don't you? What do we do when we feel sorry for someone?

Just make it worse maybe...

Yeah, exactly - make it worse, even worse. The more you are finding, the more you get, you pig. You understand me, you f***ing understand me, huh?

Yeah, you understand me Lee? Yes?


OK, well you're really gonna understand by the time we're done.
Track Name: A Sort of Greenish Haze
When we look in the atmosphere, there's a sort of almost greenish haze, almost like a plankton.

But beyond that there are these immense shapes. Are they gliding, are they flying?

All we can tell is they must be very large animals indeed.

It's far far beyond anything we're familiar with.

This is a genuinely alien world.
Track Name: Torino Scale 4
NASA's approach to the Earth hazard problems, so far (and I think correctly) has been to focus on discovery.

You cannot deflect an object that you haven't discovered and so finding the asteroids - finding them early - is the most important thing in this process.

Torino Scale zero is where 99% of our cases fall, which means that it's just not worth any public attention, although we continue to monitor these routinely.

Torino Scale 1 means it's more than ordinary, but still not particularly alarming.

We get on average a few, maybe several Torino Scale 1 cases per year.

We have had a couple of Torino Scale 2s - we even had one Torino Scale 4, which was quite extraordinary...

...that allows us to refine the Torino Scale ratings for the object & so on. We have the impact probabilities & you can click on any one of the objects & get details & at the top level, there's a summary for each object.

The speed at which it passes the Earth is present there - & that of course is important for the impact energy - the size of the object & the Torino Scale.

Probably the best & most obvious way of deflecting an asteroid is to simply slam another space-craft into it & slow it down or speed it up if you overtake it from behind & that gives it enough change in velocity to steer it off the Earth impacting trajectory.
Track Name: Alpha Waves
Three major conclusions, after 39 years of study & investigation.

1.) The evidence is overwhelming that planet Earth has been visited by intelligently-controlled extra-terrestrial spacecraft. In other words, some - underlined 23 times - some UFOs are alien spacecraft; those that are not, I don't care about them.

Secondly - the subject of flying saucers in my Morgan lecture is "flying saucers are real" - not "UFOs are real".
Track Name: Pastor Rod Parsley
A beast coming out of the sea. Had a leopard's body, seven heads & ten horns. Had claws like a bear & had a mouth like a lion.

I saw this beast going through a map of America. I saw it prematurely try to take its reign in this great United States of America.

And the Lord spoke to me & said "This is the political system of Babylon, that's preparing this world for the Antichrist.

"It came to the United States of America, but I chose Pastor Rod Parsley & I saw the map of America & Columbus Ohio - the capital city of Ohio - I saw it blazing with fire".

He said "I chose Pastor Parsley to take authority over this political spirit".

He said "This election wasn't Democratic, it wasn't Republican, it was Antichrist, it was Antichrist.

"But I chose Pastor Parsley to push this beast back".

And he said "He's obeyed me. The beast has been pushed back, the political system has been subdued".

He said "But the beast is coming back - only this time" he said "The beast has a rider. Her name is Mystery Babylon. She's a great whore, she's the mother of harlots".
Track Name: You Can Easily Go Into A Deep Trance
You can easily go into a deep trance

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