Sound & Fury, Signifying Nothing (Selected earlier works, 1994​-​1996)

by Cosmic Mind Warp

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released March 8, 1996


all rights reserved



Cosmic Mind Warp UK

Deep, dark electronica from the sunny isle of wight.
Two blokes churning out deeply textured, lovingly hand- crafted atmospheric underground electronica.

We are heavily influenced by the work of
"Boards of Canada"
+ the seminal works of Australian electronic music pioneer/guru Tom Ellard - AKA
"Severed Heads"...
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Track Name: Witness
Um, well, I've witnessed a fairy, in a garden - and I was just kneeling down, doing-up my shoelace I think - and I saw something quite dark move, about a foot, by my side like this, from one place to another.

And then I turned round to look what is it was and it had gone bright white - and it was about that big - and it took off from the place where it had landed and back to the same place in bright whiteness - and then in the place where it landed, it disappeared and a robin stood in its place.
Track Name: I Was a Paranormal
Where exactly am I?

I was a paranormal, with the psycho-kinetic powers.

One of the chosen class.
Track Name: I Was a Paranormal Too
Where exactly am I?

I was a paranormal, with the psycho-kinetic powers.

One of the chosen class.
Track Name: Anticipation is a Beautiful Place
A slight feeling of delightful - beautiful places - anticipation.

Such great beauty. You find you're nearly there.
Track Name: C.M.M.
I did not break the law. Has it registered? It's the same thing Jesus Christ told Pilate, man. He said you're blaming me for your problems. You're trying to put the blame over on me - and it doesn't fit! I'm not Richard Millhouse Nixon - I'm Charles Millis Manson.

1944 - I went into a judge - that was the same judge that was in Nuremburg & was hanging orphans & soldiers over there in the war. I stayed in the judge's robes, under Doc Hartman. I'm like his little boy. He raised me all my life. Everything I know, I got inside. I don't have any parents. I don't have mothers & fathers & a family unit like you guys do, you dig? I live in prison. I was raised inside the judge's body. I'm in the judge's robe.

Now here's one of my sins - and I'll confess to you clearly & openly to the world. I never realised how much mind I was holding with those people. I never realised how weak you people are outside. Ah! - and we'd put our souls into each other, you dig? In other words & we have sex - we f*** each other & we suck each other. We do all the things that you guys are not allowed to do in your culture. But in the culture I lived in, we'd do all that out the window & that what I guess you'd call Satan.

As long as I can reach in your mind & control your fear, because you're a coward, I'm gonna play any game I can play on you, all the way to the White House! And then when I take over, I'm gonna laugh & say "You were a bunch of weak people - I don't see how you made it this far".

I don't y'know listen - let's say this - am I honest? Y'know, I can say anything. I don't really know what "sorry" means. I've been sorry all my life. I was sorry I was born - that's what my mother told me. Uh, I've been at the bottom of this pile as long as I can remember. Everybody's had permission to bite any part of me they wanna chew up. I don't really honestly know what a lot of those words mean that you guys use.

What does "sorry" mean? I hurt - I've been beat with the leather strap - I'm sorry! Is it "I'm sorry because I'm hurt", or "I'm sorry because..." Why did I get beat? I don't even understand why I got beat - I just got beat. Why am I getting beat? Why have you got me in a cell? Why can't I wear clothes? Why can't I do like other human-beings? Why do I have to be...why am I into this? I'm asking all these whys to myself as you ask those whys to me. I don't know how to deal with this sorry thing, guy.
Track Name: Moonies
This is the dweeb cup-final. This is er... Yep & here we have a moony - that was a moony. Um, I'm not lying, I'm not lying when I say that was an actual moony. I'm completely pissed, but I'm sure that I actually saw a complete moony then. Here we have - that was an absolute first - a cracking moony...

Er yep - double 13 - good luck. Well you never know, something might happen that's worth taping. So, what have we got there then Alister? What's that? Oh my God, he's got in the wall! That was a good shot into the wall - that was a complete moony that he did earlier on there. I'm trying to describe it. It's not easy to make him understand that despite the fact that he denied he did a moony before, years ago - that was a complete moony - that was a definite moony that he played then.


Sorry, he's had a complete breakdown here.
Track Name: Dance of the Coloured Sequences
Three rock 'n' roll bands were in the centre of the gymnasium, playing simultaneously all during the dance & all during the dance, movies were shown on two screens at the opposite ends of the gymnasium. These movies were the only lights in the gym proper.

They consisted of coloured sequences that gave the appearance of different coloured liquids spreading across the screen.

And persons twisted & gyrated in provocative & sensual fashion.

The smell of marijuana was prevalent all over the entire building.
Track Name: It's Not Your Eye
It's not your eye that sees things.

If that's a delusion, that's just the kind of delusion I want.

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