Subconscious (July 2015)

by Cosmic Mind Warp

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2015's period of intense creativity continues with our latest full-length album of deep-level headtripping...

October 20th 2015: fantastic review for "Subconscious" at
"Don the headphones. Cosmic Mind Warp’s Subconscious is one of those albums you want injected directly into your noggin..."
Full review at:


released July 17, 2015



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Cosmic Mind Warp UK

"The Isle of Wight's answer to Boards of Canada.
Two blokes churning out deeply textured, atmospheric underground electronica..."

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Track Name: Subconscious
We live in a kind of little shallow space...and we imagine that that's all there is...and that is not all there is.

How um - how - I was gonna say how er - how far away in the Universe have we been able to... different dimensions, different type of beings may be living out there - that our psychic abilities, our way of connecting to each other - and how information or how receiving information - channeling or remote healing, psychic experience - how, how, how...what is the full picture I mean of what a human being is capable?
Well, the easy answer is that we don't know...

We live in a world where everything seems separated - so how can we live in a world that's also holistically connected?
Track Name: No Thoughts Existing In Your Head
There are no thoughts existing in your head.

I'm just gonna lead you down a path that naturally already exists.
Track Name: Music Already Exists
I'm just gonna lead you down a path that naturally already exists.

Music is like a way of showing you how people express their feelings.

It is kind of like a pattern and it's also a bunch of voices and drums and other stuff...
Track Name: Alpha State of Mind
Now we'll begin the descent into alpha wave stage...

I'm coming down.
Track Name: Future Possibilities
The possibilities of what we could do in the future...
Track Name: Shackleton's Folly
It's very difficult to contemplate what the likelihood of their getting back alive were; I would almost have said they were negligible.

By this time, night was falling and the mist was coming at the bottom of the slope, they'd no idea what was at the bottom. They tried a few steps down, but it was evident that if they continued they would die of exposure.

So they coiled their rope 'round, the three of them sat on it and they put their arms around each other's waists and they pushed off into space...
Track Name: Where We Are
We are on Earth and the Earth is just one planet in the galaxy...
Track Name: Through Our Eyes
Through our eyes, the Universe is perceiving itself.

The Universe is listening to its cosmic harmonies.

We are the witness through which the Universe becomes conscious of its glories.