The Eye (2011)

by Cosmic Mind Warp

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We aim to provide electronic mind-trips for those bored by formulaic electronic sounds. Interesting sonic flavours, created with no eye to fashion - only to the "inner eye" of the subconscious mind. Dream-logic music.

Extensive use of sound-reversal on this project. Reversed sounds are almost always better :-) If you can be bothered, many hidden secrets can be revealed by using free software such as Audacity to re-reverse the tracks you've downloaded...

Also, extensive use of the cult instrument The Omnichord. Ours has been heavily modified by the boys at Folktek, to allow The Omnichord to produce fabulously warped textures, by the intuitive “laying-on-of- hands”. (See )


released February 3, 2011


all rights reserved



Cosmic Mind Warp UK

Deep, dark electronica from the sunny isle of wight.
Two blokes churning out deeply textured, lovingly hand- crafted atmospheric underground electronica.

We are heavily influenced by the work of
"Boards of Canada"
+ the seminal works of Australian electronic music pioneer/guru Tom Ellard - AKA
"Severed Heads"...
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Track Name: The Word
The Word - the Hebrew Word, the translated "thing" is Word. Every thing came out of the Word, or the Word, go back to seed again.

Words are things, or they're word-things, so when I say words I just release a thing, but you don't see the thing when I say it. You heard the thing before you saw the thing before I said the thing gets heard before it's seen.
Track Name: The Sound
A word devoid of meaning - we don't know the meaning, we don't try to know the meaning.

And the principle is that if we know the meaning, then meaning is a static thing.

The Sound changes in its pitch - it could be loud sound, it could be low sound.

So and the meaning is the same at every pitch - high or low.

So, if the mind is on the meaning then there's no chance of refining the meaning.
If the mind is not on the meaning, then there's the chance of refining the sound.
Then there is the chance of experiencing the sound in its final values.
Then the finest could be transcended and the awareness reach that inner wakefulness, devoid of any perception.

This will be transcendental consciousness.

The Sound changes in its pitch.

The Sound changes in its pitch. So and the meaning is the same at every pitch - high or low.
Track Name: Am I Still Focused?
Can you say how you're feeling this morning.

Oh on top of the World.


Woo-hoo-hoo, on top of the World.

What are you're plans for today?

Oh this is gonna be one great day. Well, whatever my doctor says I can do, I should say that right now.

Tell me a little bit about that - do you have some restrictions?

Yes, still. I went off at my husband last night, I beat him up.

Tell me about that.

I wanted him out of there.

He came to visit?

Yeah, he came to visit me and he pissed me off, so I wanted him outta there, so I beat him up.

And what do you mean you beat him up?

I forcefully beat him up.

You hit him?

Quite a few times, oh yeah, sluggin' it out.

You were saying something earlier about Jesus Christ and the CIA...

OK, I'm incognito for the Lord, God almighty, Jesus Christ. Hey I'm working for him - have been for years.

Now what do you mean "incognito"?

I'm a spy.

And what's your mission?

My mission is to fight for the American way.

Can you say more about that for me?

The Statue of Liberty.

OK, but I mean can you talk more about the kinds of things that you have to do, or have been doing as part of that mission?

Oh I can bring up the wind, I can bring the rain, I can bring the sunshine. I can do lots of things through Christ, who strengthens me.

OK, I mean you can actually cause the wind to come up?

Oh yes.

Could you do that today if you wanted to?


What gives you the power to do that?


On our walk down, you were mentioning about the air and the smells and the stalks of the flowers. Do you like the outdoors?

I love the outdoors - my favourite place to be is outdoors. You see when I first met my husband - can I just talk?


When I first met my husband, we lived underneath the bridge and down at the boat dock - we weren't married. But I believe we got married in the eyes of God down at this boat dock. Because he popped my cherry and I ain't been married before.

When we first sat down, we asked if you could take your gum out and you had some strong feelings about that...

I've chewed since I was a little-bitty kid. It don't hurt my teeth or nothin' - I've got strong teeth and I like hard gum. I like to bow bubbles with it.

OK - is that a good piece?

Yeah, it's a real good piece - do you wanna piece?

So, talk a little bit more about the way that sometimes you start crying - what's the sort of thing that can get you crying?

Missing my Mom for one. She died... on April 5th 1993 my mother passed away. Well, she hadn't walked for 21 years of my life - um, am I still focused? OK, um, that sounds funny doesn't it - "am I still focused"?
Track Name: Cosmic Universe
The Universe was created by a being like you and me - only advanced in nature. A child-like being, a true Cosmic, who created all you see before you.

We're all part of the Cosmic Universe, we're all part of the Cosmic play. But criticism is all around us. Symbolisms or beliefs and fantasies and illusions to control us. Especially symbolisms or cults.

This stems from ancient history far beyond this world. Started many aeons ago and in other planetary solar systems. This preserving some gods or experiments or something.

And all of it stems from another planetary system. We're self-seeded here. And slowly they cause us to evolve or be more like them.

Many people don't realise they're partaking; some people realise they're partaking - that's OK, I sure do. My experience was no joke, it was no lie.

All my life was um, questions I needed answered... But I feel that being civilised and rational; being able to see through lies and illusions is the key to being a Cosmic. It's the key to being a Cosmic - and most people are, but don't realise it.

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